What is Advanced Discord Logger Bungee (ADLB)?
Advanced Discord Logger Bungee is a very powerful event logging tool for proxy server owners. This system will allow owners to host a Discord Bot on their Bungeecord/Waterfall Server and perform logging on their Discord Server. In order to keep the load as low as possible, all the processes are async. NOTE: This system is still very new and in Heavy Development. So expect some bugs and breaking API changes.
If you have any issues, bugs reports, or new suggestions. Please join our Discord Support server for help. We have a very quick support team and will fix any related bugs ASAP.
Want to log your Spigot/Paper events and plugins? Check out Advanced Discord Logger.
Want to log your Bungeecord and Spigot/Paper events and plugins with a single bot? If you buy ADL and ADLB you can connect both of the plugins together and you will only need a single bot for logging messages on Discord. Check out the wiki.